Behind the Buzz Team

A Note from The Director of Operations, Andrea Johnstone

Having been extensively involved in marketing and promotions, I gained first-hand insight into the industry. As such, I understood the benefits of experiential staffing and what was lacking. I felt I was in a position, with mounting new marketing concepts and strategies, to become an industry leader. As a result, in 2009, those ideas became a reality and Buzz Promotions was born.

Buzz Promotions offers one-on-one mentoring to each of our hand-selected staff. Developing long-lasting relationships with everyone on the Buzz roster ensures our clients have the best matched staff representing their brands and “wowing” their customers. Generating a ‘Buzz’ is our core business and therefore, I make it my personal mission to ensure we book approachable, engaging staff to create a memory behind each experience! Moreover, Buzz upholds industry standards by providing mandatory training, offering innovative incentives, and hiring only those that possess an infectious, positive energy necessary to achieve this standard.


Breaking the Mold

Buzz Promotions provides innovative staffing solutions to help your brand build a reputation that’s sure to stand out in your industry. Our intelligent and engaging staff comes prepared with the knowledge, experience and attitude to create a ‘Buzz’ and ensure your guests or consumers are having an incredible experience. Additionally, our services include (but are certainly not limited to) liquor tasters, brand ambassadors, street teams, licensed hospitality staff, grid girls and professional spokes models.

Approachable Customer Service

We are in the business of people and engagement! In other words, if we didn’t love people, we wouldn’t do promotions. It’s that simple! We believe attentive customer service is key to lasting client relationships. As such, we focus on making each of our clients’ goals a reality with customised solutions, friendly staff and measurable results!

International Growth

Since 2009, Buzz Promotions has effectively grown our client base and staffed hundreds of events for clients across Canada. So we’ve decided to take this Buzz-Worthy business Down Under! In other words, we’ve taken our ambition and passion for promotions and used it to grow internationally! So stay tuned as we expand into the US and UK in the near future.